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These two beauties (J3 & J1) are bred heifers due to calve in spring 2023!
Both are AI sired by SAV Downpour and are bred to a SAV Quarterback son.
Excited to see their calves this spring!

Look at this pretty girl! Fall heifer C61H is a Hoover Know How daughter out of a Connealy Onward dam!

We Collect Data!

At Rocking M Farm, we strive to collect and submit all of the most comprehensive data to the American Angus Association.

Here is a list of the data we collect:
birth weight
calving ease
dam teat score
dam udder score
weaning weight
hip height
scrotal circumference
docility score
yearling weight
mature cow weight
body condition score
foot angle
claw set
pelvic measurement
reproductive tract score
ultrasound carcass

We believe in collecting and submitting accurate honest data!

All of our females participate and qualify for the Angus Maternal Plus program!

Fall calving

2021 fall calving has begun!

DNA Testing

All of our Angus cattle have been DNA tested. This ensures accurate parentage. Incorrect parents can lead to inaccurate EPDs, among other problems! When we DNA test we also use Angus GeneSeek to develop a genetic profile for each animal. This gives us and the customer the most accurate EPDs! If you buy a bull without a genetic profile, are you really getting what you paid for?

Everytime sexual reproduction occurs a sperm and egg come together. The genetic code in each sperm cell and egg cell varies because when cells are divided to create these sex cells, genetic material from each parent is used. Each time a new sex cell is created a slightly different mix of DNA is used. This is why brothers or sisters may have the same parents but they are not identical. They may have very similar features and traits, but each one is unique because each one received a slightly different mix of genes from their parents (which were a product of their parents).

These differences can be determined using DNA testing and Angus GeneSeek (or Zoetis HD50K). Using DNA, we can tell which traits and how much of those traits were tranferred to the calf. Before DNA testing was available, EPDs were determined using averages and ratios, and of course, reported weights and measurments. Now we can see exactly which traits are expressed in the calf from the sire and dam and both grandsires and granddams. For example, this testing can identify which flush brothers have the best calving ease passed down from the paternal grandsire and which ones have the best marbling passed down from the maternal granddam.

This is why every cow and bull in our Angus herd have been through DNA testing. We want to know, and we want you to know as the customer that what you are getting when you buy from us is completely accurate EPDs. We have personally seen the EPDs in our animals change, sometimes dramatically, thanks to DNA testing as the genetic profile reflects the accuracy of the animal's genetic makeup. This is at no small cost. Currently Angus GeneSeek testing is $37 per animal, but we believe the cost is well worth it to make sure you get what you're paying for. Other producers may not want to take the time or spend the money to get these results.

If you want to know if your bull has a DNA genetic profile and accurate EPDs search for their registration number on Angus.org and on their
EPD Details page look for this:
Genomic:  HD50K or i50K or Angus GS

We hope this added value makes you a customer of Rocking M Farms and keeps you coming back for more!

Hand Feeding

After our calves are weaned, they are handfed daily using buckets. This is a labor intensive daily chore but we do it because we believe the calves should have that constant human interaction. These actions make the calves less skitish and they will grow accustomed to humans walking around their enclosure. Calves learn that humans are not to be feared. Handfed calves are calmer and easier to handle.

Contrast this handling with other producers who drive feedwagons along bunks where calves may go weeks without any human walking through their lot.

We hope this added value makes you a customer of Rocking M Farms and keeps you coming back for more!

Many nice calves being born on the farm in 2021. Serveral AI calves out of SAV Downpour!

New fence

New continuous fence going up on the farm this fall!


Spring calving is almost over for 2020! Here is C40B with a very nice Harvest Platinum calf born on Memorial Day 2020.


C50C with a very stout bull calf born May 7, 2020